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  1. Tourmaline. $479 ... $907 per night. 3 bedrooms. 7 Max Occupancy.

    Another Memorable Vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Just returned from a week-long stay at Tourmaline, nestled just between North Palmetto Point and Governor's Harbour. The ocean/beach views from the house are breathtaking, the pool an excellent addition, and the location convenient for exploring the whole of Eleuthera. As return guests to the island we were accustomed to low water pressure and routine power outages (the house has a nice Generac standby generator), but would recommend the owners have the overall plumbing of the house serviced for water flow/flushing pressure and shower drain buildups/odors. This was only a minor issue and one that can be expected in Eleuthera. That said, it would not prevent me from recommending this property to future guests. Eleuthera is a destination that makes you work a little bit and accept that you probably will not have the exact same amenities that you would in the US. But it is a place defined by its natural beauty and vibrant culture, which is why I keep returning with my family. Book with confidence that Tourmaline will meet all your true needs for an excellent stay in Eleuthera.

    A guest 06/11/2024

  2. Buttonwood Reserve 2A. $285 ... $507 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great Accommodations! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  3. Buttonwood Reserve 2B. $285 ... $507 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    A Beach Oasis ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  4. Buttonwood Reserve 2C. $325 ... $550 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great for Large Groups! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  5. Buttonwood Reserve 2D. $325 ... $550 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect for our group! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  6. Buttonwood Reserve 1B. $285 ... $507 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great for large groups! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  7. Buttonwood Reserve 1A. $285 ... $507 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    We loved it! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Great place!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  8. Buttonwood Reserve 1C. $325 ... $550 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Privacy + Perfect Location! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Wonderful stay in 1C at Buttonwood condos. Very attentive caretaker who had great recommendations for our last minute requests. Location cannot be beat - having the Caribbean and Atlantic at your doorstep was amazing. Pool was a dream, golf cart was a wonderful bonus to get all of our beach gear from the condo to the Atlantic.

    Julia v. 07/22/2024

  9. Buttonwood Reserve 1D. $325 ... $550 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great for large groups! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  10. Buttonwood Reserve Two Entire Building. $1080 ... $2114 per night. 8 bedrooms. 24 Max Occupancy.

    The Perfect Vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    WOW!! What a fantastic property! We were visiting the island for the first time and had a party of 40. We rented all 8 units so we had the whole property to ourselves. Our group had 15 kids and the ages of our guests ranged from 3-80 and everyone had a fabulous time!!

    From the very start, Matt was incredibly responsive and helpful. He provided tons of great recommendations and did not disappoint. Our chef Kaynell prepared all of our breakfasts and select dinners. I'd recommend her for sure! We connected with Menishca of Per Your Request as our island expert and concierge for the week. She arranged a great party for us and helped us with several excursions and details. You should consider using her services if you have a large group!! The best excursion was a day on the water with Exotic Excursions and Captain Sheldon.

    The property was well managed and maintained. We had a few very minor issues and the team was there quickly to assist. The golf carts are a life saver to get to/from the private beach.

    I can't wait to go back!!! Thank you, Buttonwood!

    All of the condos were spacious, clean and nicely appointed. The beach at the Atlantic and shore on the Caribbean were both incredible - something for everyone! The views were stunning from every balcony with gorgeous sunsets every night viewed from the main lodge deck. I wouldn't change a thing about our vacation and highly recommend the property when you want a quiet getaway in paradise!!

    Stephanie G. 03/29/2022

  11. Buttonwood Reserve Bldg 1 & 2. $2761 ... $4986 per night. 17 bedrooms. 46 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect Stay! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  12. Alfred House. $965 ... $1190 per night. 5 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    WONDERUL HOUSE ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★


    Richard G. 03/31/2024

  13. Atlantic Sunrise Villa. $385 ... $464 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    Your own private beach! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This is the 2nd year we've booked and will never go anywhere else. The rooms are nice and large, clean, it cools down quickly and has a very large covered porch which is your 2nd living room. It's just beautiful and the yard is very lush but maintained. There is small sand path to the beach which is about as good as you would want. Huge sandy beach with calm enough waters. You need to get past the shore breaks, but most are in super shallow water. The water is crystal clear. There are rocks to navigate but you can go in pretty far before them.

    If you want privacy and pure beach time with a house with some space, this is perfect. The house is well maintained. Highly recommend. The location is convenient because James Cistern is just up the road with a few good places to eat and drink, groceries and liquor. Governors Harbor is also close, about 10 minutes.

    Greta W. 05/21/2024

  14. Allamanda House. $395 ... $575 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Allamanda ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    All up to expectations.
    Silver airways out of Governor's aHarbor a disappointment., late and then cancelled outgoing flight.
    Overall, a great vacation.

    A guest 03/21/2022

  15. Aqua Villa. $595 ... $720 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Paradise /Hidden Gem ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    I never seen anything like it. Pictures don't make justice of how beautiful that place is. The pool is amazing, much bigger in person than in pictures. The view. The beach is right down the stairs. Is beautiful never seen a beach like it. We got to see the owner , he was beyond generous, Pamela was so quick to our additional night requests, Sonya the onsite manager was too kind and quick to help us with anything we needed at the house. I can't wait to go back next year. It is a hidden gem. Many local restaurants near by. By far best stay I ever had

    Katherine G. 07/17/2024

  16. French Leave South Beach Bight II Villa. $620 ... $995 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    French Leave South Beach Bight II Villa ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Villa! It was very clean, spacious, and up to date. The property host was very prompt and helpful.

    Tiffany Z. 07/15/2024

  17. French Leave South Beach Dogtrot Villa. $620 ... $995 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    Our vacation at French Leave Villa was perfect. ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    It was our first trip to Eluethera and we were very pleased. We live in a couple of tourist hot spots so I found the perfect place for beauty and peace. Sunrise was amazing, water warm and clear, the perfect beach for walking and the accommodation was so comfortable and filled with amenities, whether in the kitchen, the beds, books, TV, generator, and all the beach gear. Very thoughtful hosts trying to provide for your comfort and relaxation. Pam was our host with Eluethera vacations and responded quickly to all questions and provided you with all the information you could need about the island. Their island host, Michelle, was lovely and very helpful and responsive. We talked with a few people that had stayed other places but came here because of the generator and internet service. They had poor experiences elsewhere. We had no power outage while we were there but neighbors said ours came on when theirs did not during an earlier outage. For us, I could not have picked a better place to stay and it is great to have Eluethera vacations as a host. Thank you!

    Paula And Bob G. 05/31/2024

  18. Hearts Ease. $1045 ... $1045 per night. 3 bedrooms. 7 Max Occupancy.

    Great house on an amazing beach ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We loved so many things about this house - the screened in porch facing the ocean, the proximity to the fabulous beach which we had to ourselves much of the time, plenty of beach towels and chairs/umbrellas that were in good condition... Our disappointment was that the air conditioning in the kitchen/2nd and 3rd bedroom side of the house was not working when we arrived, and even after repeated phone calls to Brenda (who seems like a lovely woman and she was trying) and the a/c repair guy Dwayne, it never got resolved. It took until Tuesday for Dwayne to diagnose the issue (bad compressor), and then he was unable to locate a replacement on the island - we assume, because he never would respond to daily phone calls asking for an update. The power went out several times, and something that would have been helpful is some battery operated lanterns/lights instead of just some votive candles. All in all though, we had a great week in Eleuthera with the friendly island people, and look forward to a return trip!

    Carolyn M. 06/23/2024

  19. Ho Hum House. $600 ... $779 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    The most relaxing vacation ever ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Ho Hum is truly a magical place! My grandparents built this wonderful house back in the late 60s and being able to bring my family here and share this amazing place with them was a once in a life time experience.
    The house is still as beautiful and charming as ever and the beach is the just as private and spectacular as when I was a little girl.
    As my grandparents used to tell us when we would visit years ago, getting here isn't easy but if it was it wouldn't be so special.
    Being at Ho Hum is worth the effort to get there.
    The only thing you can do there is get relaxed!
    And that is what we did. We swam, snorkled at the reef (we saw sea turtles, rays, an octopus and lots of tropical fish) woke up to stunning sunrises, star gazed at night and simply slowed down.
    Ho Hum is island living at it's best.

    Cicely B. 12/05/2022

  20. Key Lime Cottage. $165 ... $230 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    What a great vacation! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Keylime cottage was perfect. My wife and I stayed for five nights and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The cottage was clean and spacious. Rainbow beach was one of the nicest beaches we visited and every morning and evening we had it to ourselves. The people at Elieuthera vacation rentals were extremely helpful in helping us find rental car and things to do while on Eleuthera. I highly recommend this company and cottage to anyone looking for a great vacation.

    Bill M. 06/26/2024

  21. Bahama Mama. $695 ... $985 per night. 5 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Beautiful Views and Breeze! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Bahama Mama is very nice, we have stayed in others on Eleuthera where the pictures were great but not reality. Well appointed, super comfortable beds, lots of space, beautiful and sparkling clean new pool. We didn’t need anything but the owner and caretaker were very responsive for the few things we did ask about. We had a wonderful week at Bahama Mama, and can’t wait to get back to this special island. Thanks for having us!

    Andrew C. 04/11/2024

  22. The Beach House. $1207 ... $1207 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Paradise ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Charming Bahamian home with lots of character. Fantastic views of beach. Lots of amenities, stocked with everything you need for kitchen, pool or beach.

    Christianna W. 06/11/2024

  23. Sand Dollar Cottage. $245 ... $371 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    Great stay! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The property in Rock Sound was very conveniently located to shops, restaurants and the airport. Check in was smooth and the house was extremely clean. We were travelling with my adult daughter who needed to stay connected to the internet for her job, and we arrived to find that there was an island-wide internet outage. The property manager was even able to find us a MiFi box that allowed her to continue to work! Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. We will definitey be back!

    Chris F. 07/11/2024

  24. Pau Pau Beach Estate. $695 ... $1050 per night. 5 bedrooms. 11 Max Occupancy.

    Paradise Found! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    An incredible home is a beautiful setting! The water and beach are perfection! We loved the fire put at night. Beds were comfortable, showers and bathrooms were clean and great. No complaints!

    Carey H. 07/20/2024

  25. Pebbles. $255 ... $395 per night. 1 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Magical beachfront ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Wow. We had the best time here. I hope to return to pebbles. This is my 3rd time to the island and my absolute favorite place I have stayed. Patricia was great to communicate with fast responses. We used the grill a lot and enjoyed all the other amenities provided. Perfect location as well.

    Victoria G. 06/14/2024

  26. Rocks Retreat. $650 ... $825 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    A Perfect Place ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We enjoyed everything about this home! We particularly loved the two different buildings.The grounds were beautifully kept, and it is located directly on an amazing beach location. The home was set back a little from the ocean- it was private and very peaceful. The kitchen had everything we needed to cook a few meals at home. We hope to stay here again next year.

    A guest 04/20/2024

  27. Buccaneer Hill. $1375 ... $2800 per night. 6 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Beautiful view, Comfortable family home ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We spent Christmas at Buccaneer Hill and it is a charming island home. It is very comfortable for a large group with many different areas to congregate or find a moment of solitude. It has very modern kitchens and bathrooms. The pool is beautiful with an amazing cabana.

    Sarah E. 01/02/2023

  28. Cocodimama Resort. $2805 ... $3400 per night. 14 bedrooms. 35 Max Occupancy.

    A FABULOUS RETREAT! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had an absolutely perfect stay. There was so much attention to detail--cleaning the cob webs, filling our foot washing bins with fresh water each day, sweeping the floors, wiping down really made us feel like we were on vacation to come home to a freshly made bed each evening.

    Of course the beach is amazing in and of itself, but it was so nice to be there for an entire week with my kids and my mom who struggles to get in and out of the water. I didnt need to worry about currents or sudden drops from a sandbar. If we wanted to have an adventure, we could, but if we just found ourselves on the property, all we had to do was float and we were relaxed and having a good time. It really just helped us all slow down and enjoy one another without our phones.

    We had everything we needed--our towels, floaties, etc. and really appreciated having someone cook for us one night. I really loved the commercial kitchen because I like to cook and when there are 12 people, that made it really easy to whip up breakfasts and dinners.

    This trip was a 10/10 and I think in the "life highlight reel" for sure. My parents felt celebrated for their 60th anniversary, which was the whole point, and I had a truly memorable birthday swimming under the stars in the bioluminescent water. We also had a bonfire on the beach one night--I recommend you have one yourself!

    I hope to come back!! It was idyllic, dreamy perfection.

    Lindsey k. 07/16/2024

  29. Caribbean SandCastle. $1195 ... $1393 per night. 4 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    PARADISE ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★


    Richard G. 03/31/2024

  30. Endless Summer. $731 ... $1485 per night. 5 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Awesome family trip. ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We have stayed on Double Bay many times, and it is a spectacular beach. This time we needed room for the children and grandchildren. Endless Summer provided excellent accommodations for all ten of us. By far, the best location on Double Bay because of the tiki!

    James K. 07/21/2024

  31. Sky Beach Club Bungalow. $235 ... $395 per night. 0 bedrooms. 3 Max Occupancy.

    Fantastic bungalow on a great beach with nice pool ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Property was everything it was advertised.... The bungalow was exactly as pictured and the beach was gorgeous and the pool was great (and the on-site restaurant Pascals, is good and the bartender Sammy is fabulous).

    We enjoyed a very peaceful and relaxing stay.

    That being said, the devil is in the details. 1) the internet is slow. Like barely load a Google page slow. 2) the power goes out in Eleuthera a lot... while that’s not the property’s fault and they did provide a flashlight, it would have been good to know up front so we could bring our own flashlights and also plan for a 12hr outage. 3) the road down to the property is rough. We had a 4x4 and the day after it rained we couldn’t leave the road was so washed out. I feel like they should have warned us as the taxis won’t even drive down the driveway.

    The property itself is clean and safe and would stay here again if we felt they were honest about some things upfront!

    A guest 01/21/2024

  32. Indigo House. $525 ... $907 per night. 4 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful stay ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    House and amenities were as described. Elizabeth provided wonderful customer service during our stay. Walking distance to town and the beach. Highly recommend. Thanks!

    A guest 06/04/2024

  33. Kataluma. $1375 ... $1375 per night. 6 bedrooms. 16 Max Occupancy.

    Kataluma is paradise! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    You cannot ask for a more secluded and private location! Snorkeling and spearfishing right off of the beach, paddling to the two islands, swimming in the two pools, walking and relaxing on the beautiful beach, excursions, traveling to the Caribbean side, and eating the outstanding meals prepared by Andrew, Kataluma is simply Paradise! Highly recommend!

    Dawn V. 07/23/2024

  34. Orchid Cottage. $291 ... $291 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Great getaway ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We have been staying at Orchid Cottage since 2013. It's in a perfect location on the island.
    The owners give above and beyond to make your stay the very best. The property managers are also wonderful. Always a phone call away. The cottage always smells so clean and fresh.

    Julie S. 06/21/2024

  35. Long Island Breeze Compound. $795 ... $825 per night. 6 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Bahamas trip 2023 ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Great experience. Ray, Sonja and her mom are very nice. We enjoy them. Its about a 5 min walk to public beach where many locals go. We found walking on down to the public hotel beaches a little better. Food/groceries are very expensive there so plan accordingly.

    David D. 06/28/2023

  36. Shangri-La. $621 ... $621 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Convenient, quite & safe Paradise home ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We just got back from a weeks stay at Shangri-La and had the best time! This house was extremely convenient for all our travels. Being within 5/10 minutes of Governors harbor, grocery stores, eateries and the airport made our travel so easy! The gated community made us feel safe and the location of the house on the quiet beach road makes it the perfect spot for solitude. It would also be a great house for children to play. You can’t see the ocean from the house but it’s just a short walk up a small hill. And the beach is beautiful! You can hear the sound of the ocean from the house which was relaxing. The beds were very comfortable with great quality sheets. The kitchen had everything we needed. The owner and caretaker were quick to answer any questions. Looking forward to another stay!

    Kat R. 07/12/2024

  37. Shangri-La & Orchid Cottage. $893 ... $893 per night. 5 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Family trip ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a wonderful time at Shangri-La & Orchid Cottage. We were a group of ten people and the houses fit everyone just fine. They were stocked with all the appliances, sunscreens, bug sprays, beach accessories, and many, many more things that we needed. LaChadra was the best caretaker! We contacted her a few times when the internet went down and when we had car problems. She took care of everything quickly and with such a positive and pleasant attitude. The beach was a short walk over a hill and we mostly had it all to ourselves. We saw many other beaches and even saw turtles, dolphins, rays, and a barracuda. What a wonderful trip!

    Bobette P. 03/08/2022

  38. Plage Rose Estate. $745 ... $1282 per night. 4 bedrooms. 9 Max Occupancy.

    An incredibly beautiful Place to be ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    So much Space in a wonderful Environment, right on the Beach with an beautiful Pool, incredible. Howerver, there are Imitationen due to the somehow used condition of the House. Paint often peels off....

    Roger P. 01/28/2024

  39. Provender. $735 ... $1207 per night. 5 bedrooms. 9 Max Occupancy.

    Lovely spot ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Communication was prompt prior to visit as well as during and post visit. We were there 10 days, and the caretakers were kind and accommodating. e have stayed on Windermere several times, and love the solitude. This home makes it easy to relax and enjoy a quiet stay.

    A guest 06/06/2024

  40. Salty Dolphin. $555 ... $1093 per night. 4 bedrooms. 9 Max Occupancy.

    Great Stay ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Right across the street from the most beautiful beach. Living space is very comfortable and kitchen is easy to work in. Love the upstairs space and the deck upstairs for sunsets. Paddle boards were fun to have and there are plenty of beach chairs and water floats.

    Susan R. 05/26/2024

  41. Sandy Hill Beach House. $2036 ... $2036 per night. 6 bedrooms. 14 Max Occupancy.

    Magical Family Vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We found Sandy Hill beyond our expectations. The house is well appointed (lots of pool toys, spices, dishes etc.) Many places to enjoy the outside. Very nice furniture. We had Sheryl cook a Bahamaian dinner. Delicious
    We pre-ordered groceries to get us started and I highly recommend. The beach in front is heaven. You won't be sorry with this home.

    William K. 07/21/2024

  42. Sea Walk. $535 ... $1136 per night. 4 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Great Stay for 2 Families ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The house was awesome and had all the amenities for a perfect stay. Misty was great with answering any questions we had. The beautiful beach is right across the street, with chairs and umbrellas available. There are many places to explore on the island and awesome restaurants nearby.
    I highly recommend staying at Seawalk

    Mark D. 06/17/2024

  43. Tir Na Nog. $995 ... $1707 per night. 5 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Tir Na Nog ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Amazing spot.

    William C. 03/31/2024

  44. Windsong. $1136 ... $1136 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Quiet Perfection ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Windsong is beyond stunning. Pictures do not do the property justice. My family of two adults and three teenage boys sought seclusion and simplicity on the beach and that's exactly what we found at Windsong. We initially wanted a pool, but at the time of booking, Windsong was the closest home to the water than other options with pools. Double bay has a most beautiful water and we didn't miss the pool at all. We enjoyed the peace and ease of our incredible view and effortless access to the beach. We traveled with our own tent in case we wanted shade at the beach. Strongly recommend. We had calm water days, wave jumping days and amazing snorkeling right off the beach - all along double bay. We visited other beaches on Caribbean side and preferred Double Bay. The home is luxurious in the most simple way. We found restaurants to be lacking ($40 for kid-portion of 5 fish sticks). Ended up cooking majority of meals at home over 9 days. Island Farm grocer was 5 mins away and had the best produce and meats, wines and more. When we return, we will hire a chef for the week as other reviews mention. We didn't think we would need due to rave reviews of area restaurants, but after our stay, we regret not having done so. It was too late to schedule chef arrangements once we were on the island. Note: we received an amazing guide of resources from Eleuthera Rentals. Most of the information is potentially of date or providers no longer active. Many activities listed no longer in operation (at least in July). We hoped for easy access to boat rentals, tubing, fishing, etc. We planned the trip last minute. I wish we had spent more time firming up activities before we arrived. Phones didn't work much if we were not on property. Reaching locals solely through WhatsApp was challenging. Patsy, however, was very responsive to our every question and need. Loved every minute. Would absolutely return!!

    Jennifer F. 07/17/2024

  45. Miss Ruby. $490 ... $964 per night. 4 bedrooms. 9 Max Occupancy.

    Miss Ruby’s Vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This was the best choice and rental property that we have ever used. It was true to the pictures and descriptions. The house was big enough for both families to have room together and also spread out. Everything we needed to make meals was there. Governors Harbor was a great place to roam around in . Plenty of restaurants and Cafes to eat at and little boutiques to explore.
    The best part for all of us was getting up early and walking down the path to the pink sand beach. Amazingly beautiful sunrises every morning.
    This is a place that we will definitely book again.i have already given the name and rental company name to a couple friends.

    Jennifer A B. 04/19/2024

  46. Tamarind. $253 ... $426 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Historic Home ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★


    Freddie Z. 01/12/2024

  47. One Palm Hill. $399 ... $750 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Beautiful Retreat ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This vacation home is stunning and very well appointed. The house was beautiful and very clean. The pool was amazing. A lovely retreat for our family. I thought the beach was pictured as closer, it is quite a walk or drive to reach the beach. Once at the beach a mostly private piece of paradise. Stunning on all accounts.

    Michael K. 06/01/2024

  48. La Bougainvillea Boutique Hotel. $400 ... $550 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    La Bougainvillea Boutique Hotel King Room ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Lovely resort with epic infinity pool directly on pink sand beach.

    Scott B. 08/24/2023

  49. Driftwood. $435 ... $921 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    AMAZING 11 day stay at Driftwood ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Driftwood was everything we had hoped for and more! We loved being able to walk to French Leave Beach and the proximity of multiple restaurants from the house is a huge bonus. Misty was always available if we needed anything. We would 100% without a doubt stay here again.

    Jessica E. 05/13/2024

  50. Gumbo Limbo. $525 ... $740 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Gumbo Limbo is perfect! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    From the moment we arrived we knew the house would be perfect. Beautiful, very clean and plenty of room for eight of us! The pool was always clean and inviting. Everything we could have needed for the beach and pool was available. Beach access was very easy to get to and so close. We used the kayak a few times! Location was the best. Close to the market, liquor store, gift shop, coffee shop, and beaches of course. Our property manager, Carol, was so kind and welcoming. She was quick to help us with any problems! Overall, this was the best family vacation we have been on, and it’s partly due to the wonderful house we called home for the week!!

    Heather P. 07/21/2024

  51. Savannah Sunset. $675 ... $982 per night. 3 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Great Pool and Sunset View! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The pool at this vacation rental makes the experience. We watched the sunset from the pool more than once. Snorkeling right off the deck was also very good. The home itself was a bit stuffy when we arrived, but fine once aired out and when the AC ran in the rooms. The kitchen was also spacious and easy to use. We also enjoyed the large dining table for dinners together.

    A guest 01/20/2024

  52. Poponi House. $393 ... $565 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Great stay at Popino ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a fantastic time at Popino house , perfect setting , private , cozy clean , great location to everything . Long Beach walks in front of the house , easy access to night for sunset , close to Island farms , GH , Tippys . Will be back .

    Michael W. 05/19/2024

  53. Poponi Cottage. $245 ... $275 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    michael & jane moran ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    wonderful !!!!

    michael m. 06/09/2024

  54. Wild Orchid. $895 ... $1421 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful Vacation! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a great time at the Wild Orchid. It was our second visit to this villa. House has a well-furnished kitchen, which was important to our family since we cook almost every evening. The beach is fabulous. Usually we were the only persons on the beach as far as the eye could see. This is an ideal rental provided you are not into nightlife, although if you were, you probably wouldn't choose Eleuthera for your vacation anyway.
    The house is well-maintained. Everything works! The water is filtered; you don't have to lug those big jugs from the market. The property manager is only a phone-call away. A great place for a beach vacation.

    Mary E M. 07/02/2024

  55. Beside the Pointe. $164 ... $214 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Better than expected! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    From the day we booked, Pam at Eleuthera Vacation Rentals was so helpful and quick to respond to our questions and would send us extra documents that were informative.
    Having seen the images and read the reviews we knew we were going somewhere nice but none of that does this place justice. It is super clean inside the cottage with everything we needed for our almost 2 weeks stay and we had the whole beach/bay to ourselves! The view is truly amazing and the water is shallow very far out so it was great for walking in and swimming (with water shoes for the rocky shore). Screened in porch is great! The owners of the property that live right next door are so friendly and kind. They have put much work into the upkeep of their place and gardens to make this feel like home away from home for the guests. They were very helpful and informative whenever we had questions or wanted their recommendations of what was close by. I loved the lush bath towels and great set of pots and pans for preparing our own meals. Those were some things that were above and beyond what was expected at a vacation rental cottage. :) There were 2 grocery stores that were not far away that we stocked up at and we went to the Buccaneer Club restaurant twice for dinners. Food there was great! The Glass Window bridge is worth the drive to go see. Thanks again for a great vacation!

    A guest 05/11/2024

  56. Alfred House & Cottage. $1279 ... $1495 per night. 6 bedrooms. 14 Max Occupancy.

    Beautiful Eleuthera! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Alfred House was perfect for our family of 8 adults and 3 children. Great floor plan with lots of room with comfortable furniture. The beaches were fabulous. Casuarina Bay (right in front) was a little rocky and steep but good for snorkeling. We loved French Leave beach- the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. Beach was flat and easy for the children to play on. We had one windy day and drove (10-15 minute walk) down to Twin Coves- another gorgeous beach sheltered from the wind. Alfred House is a great location with a number of great restaurants close by- 1648, Tippy's, Buccaneer Club and Da Perk for breakfast! We also had Josh (local chef) cook for us one night- great food and rum punch! Yes the road is bumpy but well worth it. The interior of the house was very clean and beautiful but the exterior and upstairs porch could have been pressure washed- but I understand weather on a beach can be harsh on homes. Also the dishwasher leaked and stove was a little old but worked. Nothing that would stop us from returning for another fabulous week in this beautiful house and location!

    Kimberly S. 07/02/2024

  57. Coriolana. $1135 ... $1376 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Coriolana House, Windemere Island, Bahamas ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    House and property were very spacious. Great having own private beach and own pool. Loved the large main room and dining table. 4 large bedrooms, each with own bathroom. 3 outdoor eating options. Kitchen had a lot of pots, pans, plates, 2 ovens, gas stovetop, microwave, toaster oven, toaster, coffee machine, fridge / freezer and water cooler station. Pantry had a few herbs and spices available.
    We really enjoyed the pool area and spent a lot of time there. Bathroom off pool area was good and access to kitchen from pool area was great.
    Check-in was easy as nothing was locked so we just showed up and unpacked.
    Housekeeper was great and responsive.

    Debbie C. 08/15/2023

  58. Dream House. $1098 ... $1098 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Stunning beach! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    House was clean, great layout, very functional. The property manager was very responsive. The beach is absolutely stunning! The location was great. We ordered cocktails delivered by Cocojo’s and they were amazing, highly recommend. And we had chef Brenda who was awesome!

    A guest 07/07/2024

  59. Aqua Villa and Cottage. $745 ... $885 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Paradise! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This was our second time staying at Aqua Villa! It is perfect for our group of 6 friends. The additional cottage is great to give some space for our friends that like to sleep in. The view from the back deck is beautiful. I love waking up and having my morning coffee looking at the ocean. The beach is just a few steps below which makes it super convenient not to have to pack anything. Steve has lounge chairs, beach chairs and kayaks for use. The pool is perfect for a later swim or just using the grill and relaxing Tippy’s the best bar on the island is just a short walk if you’re hungry for lunch or want to have an afternoon cocktail. The only thing we wish is that we could rent Aqua Villa a few days longer. It is only an Sat-Sat rental and two weeks is too long for some of us. A ten day rental would be perfect. Overall, we absolutely love this house and can’t wait to return to Aqua Villa and Eluthera!

    Kristie K. 06/30/2024

  60. TOC Villa. $395 ... $536 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Relaxing beach paradise ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We loved our stay at Touch of Class villa. The villa is located on a calm Caribbean bay—no waves at all, so the water is perfectly clear. The snorkeling is the best we found on the island—we saw lots of fish every day, and a few times we saw more exciting things, like nurse sharks, sea turtles, and rays. The villa has a huge trunk full of snorkeling gear and an outdoor shower, and you can kayak out to the tiny island at the entrance to the bay and see even more fish. And the best part: there are only 4 houses on the bay, so we mostly had it all to ourselves. The house is beautiful: the living room and beds are comfortable, and the bathrooms are very nice. The kitchen is tiny but well-equipped. The house is at the end of a very long, very bumpy dirt road, and this part of the island doesn’t have many tourist-y things to do other than explore the many beaches (you can get your wave fix on the Atlantic coast just a few miles away, and those beaches are equally deserted.) Cathedral Cave was a fun stop not too far away, and most tourist things are at the north end. The hosts were very helpful and responsive; when someone hit a power line in Governor’s Harbour, we lost power for about 11 hours; Natasha emailed us a photo of the accident and let us know what to expect. We explored the island and enjoyed the bay until power was restored. Finally, the bugs are no joke. People say to stay indoors at dusk; I would add to that to make sure you’re covered in insect repellant if you’re going to be outside in the shade at all.

    A guest 06/06/2024

  61. Palisades House. $1404 ... $1404 per night. 4 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect piece of Paradise ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    As soon as we stepped foot on the property we knew we didn't have to leave for anything other than food. The beach is perfect, with reef that we could snorkel 100ft away. The infinity pool is perfect to enjoy the water when you want a view from the top. Walking distance to Tippy's for great meals. Sherman was wonderful and took care of anything with a quick phone call. The owners were very responsive with some extra instructions we needed on the tv. This was our first trip back to Eleuthera in 17 years and everything we were looking for!

    Jason M. 06/24/2024

  62. Buccaneer Hill Main House. $1075 ... $2500 per night. 5 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Modern Luxuries in a Restored Manor ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We loved every minute at this house. It is so well furnished and supplied. They tapped into the Bahamian style while providing comfortable furniture that tempts you to lounge all day.

    Kristine T. 04/01/2024

  63. Cayo Loco. $400 ... $550 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Great location, wonderful views, and excellent hosts! Loved the place and would come back again.

    A guest 07/06/2024

  64. See Sea. $650 ... $950 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    Amazing Vacation!! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We stayed for a Week at See Sea with an extended group spread out among Seven Palms and the Cottages. It was really perfect for our group to have La Boug and the wonderful staff so close by.

    Elizabeth H. 04/22/2024

  65. Cayo Loco 2. $400 ... $550 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Fantastic location and house ! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We spent a week at Cayo Loco 2 in July 2022, and it was really amazing ! The house is exactly as shown on the pictures, it is very beautiful and charming, and it offered everything we needed ! We LOVED it so much that we will come back ! A beautiful wooden staircase takes us directly on the beach where we only saw one or two people a day. The sand is white and soft and the sea an intense turquoise ! Beautiful ! If you love live music, go at Tippy’s and the Buccaneer and ask for Jeremyah ! He is so good ! Maureen, our hostess, has been fantastic ! She sent us a lot of infos BEFORE the trip and DURING the trip. She was very helpful, answered right away to all our questions, informed us of what was going on on the island during our stay, what NOT to miss, suggestions for restaurants, etc. She was simply the best hostess we could have hoped for ! We enjoyed everything minute of our stay in Cayo Loco !

    Yves S. 07/18/2022

  66. Utopia House. $545 ... $750 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    utopia ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    truly wonderful house, loved Windermere Island. Truly recommend

    Sarah L. 04/28/2024

  67. Coral Point. $425 ... $750 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    coral point ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The house is lovely, perfect for three adult couples. We enjoyed being close to Governor's Harbor but kayaking on "our bay" was always deserted. Good snorkeling right off the dock. The best fish are close to the rocks (blue tang, angelfish, grouper, fairy basslet and lots of neons).Green turtle and rays out in the open water. Swimming pool was nice to lounge around in before and after beach, kayaking ad snorkeling trips.

    A guest 08/01/2023

  68. Sky Cove. $990 ... $2079 per night. 7 bedrooms. 17 Max Occupancy.

    Paradise ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had an amazing stay at Sky Cove. The house was in a great location. Sky Cove was clean upon arrival and in great shape. The rental management staff was incredibly helpful. We couldn't have asked for a house better suited for our group of 12.

    Kelly S. 06/24/2024

  69. Sky Beach Club Villa Waterfall 1. $560 ... $1207 per night. 4 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    2 Family vacation in June 2024 ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The accommodations were perfect for our 2 families (8 guests total). The kitchen and living areas had amazing views and the personal pool was used extensively. Each bedroom was spacious with a good amount of closet space and the en-suites were well appointed. We were missing a few items that Mekell took care of immediately; she was very responsive and helpful during our visit. The villa was well stocked with kitchen supplies and towels, but we did have to purchase additional cleaning items (dish soap/pods, laundry pods, toilet paper), our own cooking oils, spices and condiments as well as ice. The grill was charcoal and difficult to light at first. The beach was *stunning* and the food at Pascal’s was quite good (especially the coconut and tempura shrimp). The neighbors were extremely friendly and shared lots of great snorkel spots. The villa was close to town and centrally located on the island so we only had to travel an hour to most activities. Be warned that the driveway is atrocious - both driving and walking is treacherous. There were a few items that needed repair (the main tub leaked so we only used it once and some of the showers were difficult to operate) but the air conditioning worked very well. We lost power briefly a few times, which is expected on the island. Groceries are extremely hard to find (make sure you check expiration dates) and outrageously expensive ($11 for a gallon of milk). We submitted an online order 2 weeks before we arrived and they delivered and stocked the villa but they did struggle to provide some of the items based on the boat deliveries. Some of our highlights were an all day charter where we fed turtles, stingrays and pigs, snorkeled a shipwreck and visited the swings on a sandbar as well as jet skiing on Cocodimama beach. We hope to return some day and would definitely stay in the Villas again.

    A guest 06/30/2024

  70. Neptune Cove. $755 ... $1793 per night. 5 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Stunning home in a great location! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This home was well appointed and just a short drive to the most gorgeous beaches around in rainbow bay. The kids had a blast jumping off the cliff in the back. WiFi strong in the main house, and we had everything we could ask for. Everyone we met was super friendly and willing to help at a moments notice- we are so thankful for the hospitality!

    Lauren R. 07/21/2024

  71. Gurgle and Whump. $175 ... $279 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Stunning view! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a lovely stay! The view was beautiful. So close to Rainbow beach which we loved. The host was very responsive and helpful! We had a few days calm enough to swim and snorkel out front where we saw a couple small rays, a barracuda, and other fish. The place provided beach chairs, towels, a cooler, and floats which we used daily. Things I wish were provided would be a beach umbrella, better and more utensils, pots and pans for cooking. Luckily there was a nice cast iron to pan sear fresh fish in! I would definitely stay again but not in the summer as there is only air conditioning in the bedrooms so we didn’t get to enjoy the full house like I would have liked. Eleuthera is an amazing place full of warm and welcoming people. I can’t wait to return.

    A guest 07/11/2024

  72. Sky Beach Club Bungalow 2. $235 ... $395 per night. 0 bedrooms. 3 Max Occupancy.

    Clean, comfy room with access to great restaurant and beach ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We enjoyed our stay at this clean, comfy room with a very nice restaurant on the premises and access to a great beach steps away. The location is central, allowing easy access to the whole island north and south. Note that the private road bringing to get there from Queens Highway is in a state of severe disrepair and so a 4x4 is helpful when navigating it. The room also had some maintenance issues but the management was very responsive and addressed them promptly.

    A guest 01/30/2024

  73. Duck Out. $195 ... $379 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect in every way ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Great location. Clean and comfortable cute home with everything you need for an incredible island vacation. Great communication with property manager. Home owner is next door and is as nice a person you will ever meet. Not a single thing to complain about- really perfect in every way.

    Daphne M. 05/23/2024

  74. Buttonwood Reserve Main Lodge. $450 ... $650 per night. 1 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Great Stay! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We brought a team of youth and adults down to the island to do some mission work. The accommodations were great for our large group - the main lodge provided enough room for our large group time and meals. Matt, Brett, and the entire team were super responsive. We would definitely stay here again!

    Adam F. 07/08/2024

  75. Mon Soleil. $385 ... $564 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great Location - we loved the little place! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We enjoyed seven nights at Mon Soleil. Our purpose for the visit was to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful beach and water. The location on a French Leave Beach is nearly perfect. The property next door (Lush Life) hosts larger groups and also hosts a boat ramp access - so we did see groups on the beach next to us nearly every day. I would not count that as a negative, but while in a great location it is not as “solitary” as one might think. The house looks exactly like the pictures and was clean. The five gallon water dispenser was a nice perk. There were plenty of beach towels and we brought our own umbrella. It is a short drive to town for groceries at Burrows or a nice meal at “the Buccaneer Club,” or a short drive the other way to “Tippy’s” for a nice meal. We made several meals at the house and found the kitchen equipped adequately, but no more. The manager was very responsive to questions and needs were promptly addressed. The broker was upfront that the property is in need of updating ... and indeed it is ... but it met our needs. With big windows the view to the rear gardens and beach is just captivating. The power went out daily ... as did the internet, even when the power was on. The television takes a while to warm up for the picture to be viewable. The local drivers were a bit too aggressive and haughty in my opinion. There are many blind corners and potential places to have an accident. Pulling onto Banks road from the driveway is one. Parking at Burrows groceries is complete chaos. The Governors Harbour airport screeners have quite the attitude. Not typical. So ... otherwise, typical Bahamas “out islands” ... come with sober expectations and enjoy the beautiful beach and water.

    David H. 07/14/2024

  76. Folly. $395 ... $550 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Lovely GHB home ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We enjoyed our stay very much. The house could not have been any more of what we wanted. Would stay here again.

    Christopher L. 03/07/2024

  77. Treasured. $325 ... $545 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Had a wonderful time. The apartment was perfect for our family of four to run out to the beach. Would stay again!

    A guest 04/19/2024

  78. Buccaneer Hill Cottage. $279 ... $279 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Simple but elegant cottage close to town ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a very relaxing week at Buccaneer Hill Cottage. The house was spotless for our arrival, the bed was super comfortable and there is lots of storage space for your belongings. The kitchen has everything you need to cook a simple meal. Very convenient location close to town. Monalise, the housekeeper was so sweet and wonderful to chat with, she came to tidy up several times during our stay. Thank you for sharing your home with us!

    A guest 03/10/2024

  79. Blue Love Point. $465 ... $695 per night. 5 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Great place! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We loved blue love point! It had everything we needed, great location, great hosts, great views! Don’t hesitate just book it!

    David L. 06/19/2024

  80. Blue Love Point 3BR. $335 ... $400 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Blue Love Point was perfect for our family gathering- everyone able to stay in one place and the upstairs kitchen was well-stocked with appliances and utensils. Great quiet location, good snorkeling right off the steps.
    We loved it!

    Hollis H. 02/26/2024

  81. Margherita House. $275 ... $421 per night. 1 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful island home! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We spent over six months at Margherita House. It's a truly charming and fun little home for two!

    It has everything you might need and is a short walk to the beach (few minutes walk) or boat ramp (1 min walk) where it's possible to swim and see incredible sea life pass by, even from dry land.

    The water pressure is good, and bathroom is a great size.

    The 3G reception is great with Aliv. The house wifi is great too (BTC?). We didn't use them, but there are also two big flat screen TVs and computer gaming set ups, as well as a great blue tooth speaker.

    It's extremely private and peaceful not just around the house, but in the little community where the house is situated.

    The wrap around veranda and sun deck are great.

    A special mention should be made of the style of this place. It's decorated beautifully with quality fixtures and furnishings, and feels like a real Eleutheran vacation home.

    Can't recommend it enough. :)

    Thank you for having us there for so long!

    A guest 09/24/2022

  82. Palmetto Sunrise. $285 ... $364 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Amazing beach and location ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a great stay at palmetto sunrise and loved the location and the house- basically right on the Beach! the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the lack of supplies - no dish soap, dish brush, laundry detergent, batteries, stocked TP...we found the guide book with all info we would have needed about beaches etc in a bottom drawer in the living room on our last day. It just would have been nice if someone had checked these things out before we arrived. Property managers were very nice and helpful with everything else. All in all we really loved our stay and would love to come back!

    A guest 05/09/2022

  83. Miranda House. $295 ... $493 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    9/10 ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Nice place in a good location. Very safe and quiet. Beach is about 1/2 mile walk.

    Chip C. 01/03/2024

  84. Pink Sand Cottage. $275 ... $382 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Great view and private im ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This place was very nice. The view was amazing. I loved my morning walks on the beach. It is very rocky in the water so bring water shoes. We found a spot about a minute or two walk that did have any rocks. The beach was very private. We only saw the neighbor a few times. You definitely need to rent a car we highly recommend WT . As far as the cottage goes The only issues we had was the water heater. At first it wouldn’t come in and they sent a repair man out he got it to work but we couldn’t regulate the temperature. So you t would either be freezing water or scolding hot water. That was frustrating. Hopefully they get it replaced. We new it needed updates when we selected it by the other reviews but we wanted the privacy and the beach accessibility. Some little thing that would make a difference. There’s cook ware but they are really old and the nonstick surfaces are gone, and there are only 2 spoons . We didn’t use the kayak or snorkeling gear. There’s beach chairs but several of them are broken. But we used the 2 that weren’t.

    Tiana E. 07/15/2024

  85. Coconut Point. $575 ... $807 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Eleuthera vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Beautiful house and location. Easy access to beaches (including the on right down the steps). Everything we needed was close by.

    AMANDA R. 04/14/2024

  86. Pura Vida. $996 ... $996 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    First time ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Our first time to Eleuthera and it was fantastic! Pura Vida is a gem not to be missed. Clean, spacious, private and perfectly situated.
    It was a pleasure working with the rental company, they provided all of the information we needed for our first visit and we had an absolutely wonderful time.
    Than you and we will be booking again.

    A guest 06/23/2024

  87. Azure. $675 ... $1139 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect. ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Spacious, beautiful home on great beach. Had absolutely everything you needed!

    Tracie V. 07/18/2024

  88. YellowBird. $3900 ... $3900 per night. 9 bedrooms. 22 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful Yellowbird ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This is a wonderful property and it comes with an amazing staff of 7. The staff cooks breakfast and lunch and cleans your room on a daily basis. AD is the head cook and she is amazing! 17 in our party and Yellowbird gets 17 thumbs up from our group. We will definitely come back to this piece of paradise! ����

    A guest 07/21/2024

  89. Folly Guest House. $240 ... $307 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Girls' Getaway ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We found the property to be a pleasant place to stay overall. There were some things that could make this house top notch. The furniture and beds were very uncomfortable, I have to say. The appearance was great but lacked comfort. The kitchen tiny and I did my own home remedy that got rid of the ants in the kitchen (at least for our stay there). The manager came by the day we checked in but when we tried to contact her for questions twice during out stay, once regarding checkout procedures, we got no answers. As women, we sat and remodeled the cottage in our minds, which is entertainment for us, lol. We have never stayed in a town before and there was one night the neighbors played music until 4 a.m. so am not sure we will stay in town again. As always we thoroughly enjoyed our stay on the island.

    A guest 03/30/2024

  90. Folly & Guest House. $635 ... $857 per night. 6 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Mother's Day Getaway! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Our family had an awesome stay ar the Folly house, it was good to have everyone together to celebrate our mother on Mother's day. Folly was beautiful, we especially loved the kitchen where the guy's prepared an amazing Mother's day dinner for the ladies. The host and the caretaker was very quick to our request, which was awesome ��. We will definitely come back to Folly!

    Shavonne P. 05/18/2023

  91. Owl's Roost. $585 ... $935 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Another wonderful week in Eleuthera! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Owl's Roost was the perfect location to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday. This was our 6th trip to Eleuthera and it never disappoints. The location was absolute perfection and between the gorgeous pool and private, pristine beach, it is truly heaven. While the interior of the house is somewhat dated and a door on the toilet in the master suite would be a great add :), it's a fun throw-back to another time and very comfortable. The kitchen is incredibly well-appointed and made the week very easy, whether we were just making breakfast or having a full dinner party. Bottom line: before we left, we were already thinking about when we could come back.

    Emily S. 05/13/2024

  92. Cocodimama. $2155 ... $2650 per night. 14 bedrooms. 25 Max Occupancy.

    Snyder vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    It was wonderful!! Perfect for a family gathering with kids. The beach was the best on the island! Also a wonderful kitchen to cook for our group with all the allergy needs.

    Linda S. 06/25/2024

  93. Windchat. $1500 ... $1500 per night. 6 bedrooms. 11 Max Occupancy.

    Amazing home! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This home is incredible, very clean, lots of towels, everything you need in the kitchens.
    The only thing that people need to know is there are literally 100's of stairs to go anywhere on the property.

    Kerry P. 07/14/2024

  94. Ananda Estate. $2450 ... $3557 per night. 4 bedrooms. 9 Max Occupancy.

    Third trip to the Bahamas ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This is our third trip, renting a house on the beach in the Bahamas. All of our trips have been spectacular. This home has definitely been the most well appointed as far as having everything you need on site goes. So many activities at the house for kids, and literally everything you could possibly need in the kitchen. Most places we have stayed have the bare minimum. The Beach goes for almost as far as you can see in each direction. We stayed for a week and saw maybe eight other people the entire time. And they were off in the distance. If you’re looking for the most beautiful beaches in the world with almost complete Privacy, this is your place. The only con is that it’s a considerable drive from the north airport about an hour and the overall condition of the home was a bit oversold by the video you can watch. That being said most rental properties are a little beat up . We would most definitely stay here again.

    Jeremiah S. 06/23/2024

  95. Sephora House. $550 ... $875 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The views were beautiful, the home was welcoming and spacious

    Erik W. 03/23/2024

  96. Palm Bluff. $245 ... $425 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This was such a great experience. We came for our 5th Wedding Anniversary and the property and the Island did not disappoint. The property is beautiful, quite and secluded. The oceans views get you to stay here but let me tell you, the views of the stars will get you to return.

    No issues with the rental other than some minor wear and tear issues.

    You definitely need an SUV as the owner suggests.

    A guest 07/06/2024

  97. Sand Dollar at Ten Bay Beach. $625 ... $925 per night. 4 bedrooms. 9 Max Occupancy.

    Pure perfection ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    By far the best place we have stayed in Eleuthera. Beautiful beach, house was amazing! Vanessa was very informative and communicative

    Jarrett R. 05/27/2024

  98. Snaresbrook Manor. $5100 ... $8100 per night. 8 bedrooms. 22 Max Occupancy.

    Fantastic vacation property! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★


    Vincent B. 07/01/2024

  99. Trident Cottage . $295 ... $425 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Trident Guest House ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Delightful cottage in a beautiful lush landscaped garden steps from the beach. Well equipped with great hosts and property manager. Popovich beach is gorgeous, private with spots for sun or shade and protected spots in the reef provide great swimming. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

    Brian P. 03/20/2024

  100. Wave's End. $695 ... $990 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Review for Waves End ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Two couples really loved the house

    Laura H. 05/03/2024

  101. Trident Estate. $1125 ... $2136 per night. 6 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Awesome family trip ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The house and location are fabulous . We are a family of 10 ages 8 to 71. We felt like we had the beach just to ourselves and the kids really enjoyed the pool. The agent, Mathew is the best we have ever dealt with.

    A guest 07/11/2024

  102. Aqua Vista. $325 ... $540 per night. 2 bedrooms. 7 Max Occupancy.

    The Beaches!! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The best thing about Acqu Vista is the incredible beaches Those to the south extend endlessly and are often completely empty. The house itself is functional, but a little tired. When we were there there was construction of a big new house 50 feet away. This was noisy and cut into our privacy. I don't know how they'll creat a sense of privacy once the new property is ready. I might recommend this property, though it seemed a little expensive.

    A guest 03/20/2024

  103. Halcyon House. $900 ... $1150 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Wonderful trip ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The Halcyon House was such a joy. We loved the views and the home had everything we needed to make our trip exceptional. We are ready to go back!

    lauren s. 05/20/2024

  104. Come and Go Villa. $355 ... $564 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    Comfortable Pool Home ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This was our first time on Eleuthera. We liked the central location of the villa. Pool was great. Master bedroom mattress was very comfortable.
    We couldn’t get the TV to work but it didn’t matter that much because we had games available for rainy days. I would suggest some more pool rafts as the ones provided were not in working order. The washer and dryer were great. Nicky, the manager, was very accommodating and a great hostess! The air conditioning in the unit was very comfortable and nice to have ceiling fans as well. Beautiful view!

    Diane F. 07/13/2024

  105. Trident House. $790 ... $1671 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Palmetto Point ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Amazing house with great amenities , well service by Eleuthera Vacations and the local caretaker. Highly recommend to anyone.

    Jonathan Y. 03/31/2024

  106. Sunnyside. $325 ... $493 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Our family of four thoroughly enjoyed our stay in June! The house had everything we needed. The beach bikes, paddle boards and fishing gear were great perks! The owners were super helpful and responsive both before and during our trip, and the husband / wife caretaker / housekeeper team went above and beyond as well. I enjoyed my daily morning coffee from the screened in porch with a spectacular view. The property was so beautiful with an amazing variety of flowering plants and trees. We loved every thing about our stay at Sunnyside on Windermere Island! We visited many different beaches during our two week stay but kept going back to our favorite - just a short walk or bike ride down the road from Sunnyside.

    Kimberly A. 07/20/2023

  107. Sundowner Villa. $395 ... $570 per night. 4 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Loving it at The Sundowner ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    4 of us had a fantastic week long stay at the Sundowner. The accommodations were spacious, clean, well outfitted, sweet views above the trees ( like being in a tree house! So fun!), near both the Caribbean and the Atlantic, super snorkeling near by, and wonderful support staff. We were met by Mr. Pinder who could not have been more kind. He had the most wonderful smile on his face and he made us feel so welcomed.
    The house had everything we required from the kitchen to the outdoor toys.
    I recommend this home to any one going to Eleuthera. Your own private paradise! And still close to amenities like restaurants and the grocery store.
    We all loved it and am sure you would too!

    Cathy M. 06/25/2024

  108. Conch Shell Harbour Island. $1295 ... $2250 per night. 5 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Best Trip to Harbour Island Yet! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    I've been coming to Harbour Island for years and this was hands down the best home and experience I've had to date. The property is private, spacious, comfortable, conveniently located and perfectly appointed. Carmen and Tammy, the house managers could not have been friendlier and more helpful throughout the stay. We're looking forward to coming again--my family and I would recommend it to anyone who's planning at trip.

    A guest 02/22/2024

  109. Wild Orchid 3 Bedroom. $750 ... $1136 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    A visit to Paradise ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    I can’t say enough about how wonderful our experience was. The house was beautiful.. it had everything that one needed to make the vacation special. We loved the kitchen!.. It was very well equipped with everything one needed. The physical space was perfect. Everyone had their own space. The beds were very comfortable and the pillows were perfect.. When you travel you are never quite sure about mattresses and pillows.. these were perfect!

    Arlene B. 02/20/2023

  110. Lavender Beach House. $455 ... $779 per night. 2 bedrooms. 5 Max Occupancy.

    AMAZING VACATION! Great Find! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The Lavender House is 5 star excellent! Great location,great house, Wonderful Beach ! Check out the island sites & Harbour Island ( Coral Sands Resort/Restaurant is a must stop) but leave plenty of time for walking & relaxing on your own Pink Sand Beach! Fav Restaurants are Buccaneers, La Bougainvillea-Thursday Pizza night , Frigates, Fish Fry,& Pascal’s. If you’re thinking of a trip to Eleuthera book The Lavender House. Great Find!����️��

    Kristie A. 05/08/2024

  111. Bella Mer. $315 ... $535 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great stay! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Bella Mer was perfect for my family, we created a lot of wonderful memories during our stay. Clear communications prior to arrival and very easy check in process. The house was spotless on our arrival. Beautiful view of the Caribbean. Kitchen items were very well stocked.. We didn’t need it, but the owners thoughtfully provided much in the way of snorkeling/ water equipment. Just a great stay all around. And a huge thank you to Kristen and Tennille for working with us on a bit of an early check-in - very much appreciated.

    Rg H. 07/06/2024

  112. Anguilla - Dolphin Suite. $545 ... $600 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Montrealers in Anguilla ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    What a fantastic stay at Villa Anguillitta! We stayed for 10 days (party of 6 adults) and had the entire place to ourselves. We were lucky enough to meet the owner Dr. Paul Webster. Such a kind man. The villa has everything you need: fully stocked kitchen, amenities in the kitchen and bathrooms, BBQ, snorkelling gear, beach chairs, umbrellas and towels, game room, gym, mini golf (didn’t have a chance to play), and the laundry room was a bonus. The views are to die for. Waking up to the beautiful view of St. Martin everyday was amazing. We went to the beach at the villa. Just walk on the rocks or walk in the water to your left for a perfect beach area. You’ll obviously need a car to get around but everything is so close in Anguilla. Special shout out to Charlie who went above and beyond for us and the amazing gardener who would open our coconuts in the morning. The pictures don’t do this place justice. You will love it here!! Can’t wait to return.

    Catherine V. 02/22/2024

  113. Sky Beach Club Split Level. $560 ... $1207 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Eleuthera Paradise ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Sky beach club has been an institution for over a decade and this trip was not a disappointment. we rented almost every house in the island over the last 20 years. While the Sky Beach Club Rd. could definitely be improved. The beach location, service on the house, staff, including Pascal and Sammy‘s make it worth the trek.

    The split house is well-maintained, amazing views, and a great owner and staff to work with. Highly recommend renting this unit.

    A guest 03/17/2024

  114. Allamanda House Harbour Island. $2250 ... $3000 per night. 6 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Excellent Stay at Allamanda! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Allamanda could not have been more perfect! We were traveling w kids and another family and it not only checked all of the boxes, but also exceeded our expectations. We were ready to re-book the minute we left. Joe the property manager was also incredibly helpful. Location, decor, cleanliness, amenities - all 100%!

    John S. 05/12/2023

  115. Oasis House. $900 ... $1171 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    A beautiful location on Double Bay Beach ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Oasis is a wonderful home with gorgeous views of sunrises and sunsets from the house. The bedrooms are extremely comfortable. The kitchen is fabulously equipped and the bathrooms luxurious.

    Melissa M. 04/29/2024

  116. Flipper Refuge. $200 ... $325 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.


    Flipper Refuge was everything we wanted and more!
    Location: excellent location close to Governor’s Harbour, a short drive down a private road to Sky Beach Club and the ability to use the pool and swim up bar there, and not a bad drive to other towns to the north (James Cistern, Rainbow Bay). Quick walk to a very beautiful, private white sand beach.
    House: amazingly modern, clean, well put together for either a couple or small family. AC worked very well. Beds were comfortable. When power goes out, hosts have a generator. Overall, a very comfortable place to stay when most housing on the island is old and nowhere near as clean as this.
    Hosts: fantastic hospitality with the owners living next door. They provided so much more than we expected. We were already familiar with the island and places we wanted to go, but they are so knowledgeable and can provide recommendations for those new to Eleuthera.
    Would strongly recommend Flipper Refuge!!

    Shawn D. 06/11/2024

  117. Twin Coves House. $1133 ... $2143 per night. 4 bedrooms. 7 Max Occupancy.

    Twin Cove ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This is a beautiful home in a tranquil, pretty location. Our stay was sublime!

    A guest 04/26/2024

  118. Simple Life Cottage. $275 ... $350 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Paradise :) ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a fabulous time staying at The Simple Life :) This was our first time to the island and Eleuthera Vacation Rentals and our contact Misty made travel and planning a breeze! We felt well taken care of! Location was perfect! We beach hopped everyday but the beach at The Simple Life was by far the best for us! We walked to La Bougainvillea twice for dinner (you can make reservations online), and drove just a quick 5 minutes to Tippy's twice also, and visited Buccaneer twice for breakfast. Grocery and farmer's market right down the road also. Can't wait to return. Beach chairs, cooler and umbrella are provided. Whether you are spending the day at The Simple Life or a day of exploring Eleuthera, it is paradise and we can't wait to return!

    Natosha H. 06/17/2024

  119. Wish House. $475 ... $735 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Nice Vacation ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    House was great with exception the generator was not working and we were without power and water for over 24 hours.

    A guest 04/17/2024

  120. Lillian's Cottage. $300 ... $425 per night. 0 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    15 Year Anniversary Get Away ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful 7-night stay at Lillian's Cottage. Positioned on Court ST, it offers great views of the Atlantic from the cottage roof top. The cottage was just the right size for two people and had all the amenities we needed. The cottage clean and well-maintained.

    We were particularly impressed with the responsiveness of the property manager, Joe, who promptly addressed any questions or issues we had. During our visit, there was an island-wide water outage, but thankfully, the cottage's water system ensured we had no disruptions. Additionally, the internet was initially down when we arrived, but Joe worked diligently and had it up and running by the end of the day.

    In terms of dining, we visited several restaurants on the island and were never disappointed. A highlight of our trip was the boat excursion we booked with Paulie's from Spanish Wells. Paulie conveniently picked us up at Valentines Marina, and we had an unforgettable experience feeding turtles and stingrays, and discovering enormous starfish and sand dollars.

    Jared M. 07/19/2024

  121. Ware-A-Dise. $385 ... $664 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Best Appointed House on Island ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    I have stayed on the island more than a dozen times and this home was the best constructed and most thoughtfully appointed house of all. It had plenty of everything I needed, and none of the extra stuff that I didn't. I usually spend the first afternoon of my stay decluttering the counters and coffee tables of "knick-knack" style decor to simplify the space in most homes. That was not necessary here. Everything was clean and practical, and nothing took away from the amazing view, which was unobstructed from the kitchen, living area, and both main bedrooms. I was blown away to find the home had a garbage disposal: something I have never had on the island, but very useful since you want to make sure you get rid of your waste as securely as possible due to island bugs, which leads to my next point. The sliding doors were SO substantial. This may seem trivial, but on an island teeming with no-see-ums and other bugs, this ensured that the home remained completely bug free and that I could enjoy the screened in patio without concern. Further, having a generator is becoming a necessity on island with power outages becoming more frequent, and that did not disappoint! One of the most delightful bonuses was the cold water dispenser and 5 gallon jugs waiting for me! Since you must drink filtered water on the island, 5 gallon jugs are the most economical option, but they don't fit nicely in the fridge (if you like cold water). The dispenser is just like what you might see in office, allowing you to fill a cup with cold water on demand. The house even had Yetis & lids for taking down to the water! Again, small but such thoughtful amenities that made the stay superior. The house had quality beach chairs & umbrellas that made it easy to pack up for other beaches, which you'll need to do if you want a sandy beach. You can still swim here, but as the listing says, it is rocky. My one minor complaint is that there is no real couch, rather (very fancy) recliner style chairs.

    Kelsey P. 06/16/2024

  122. Palm Hill House. $825 ... $825 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Fabulous home and beach! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The house was elegant and wonderfully equipped. The beach is exquisite - made all the better for a couple of interesting wrecks offshore. Off beach snorkeling was terrific. We liked the privacy of each bedroom having an ensuite bathroom. The house is slightly showing her age - a few faucets didn't work etc. - but this is typical on Eleuthera. Pam and Sheila (property housekeeper) were responsive and helpful. Make sure to do the hike to Lighthouse beach before Disney opens and don't miss Island Farms for supplies (and good wine prices).

    Sarah E. 03/31/2024

  123. Chez Cay Cottage. $285 ... $285 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Great stay at Chez Cay ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Chez Cay. A fabulous location near Governor’s Harbour, easy access to all necessities. Well appointed house was equipped with everything we needed for a great stay!

    Elizabeth W. 04/25/2024

  124. Chat n Chill. $450 ... $650 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Fantastic Stay ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a fantastic stay. Iris and Samuel are wonderful hosts. Communication was top notch. They were always available to answer questions. The multiple balcony spaces were wonderful to drink our coffee and relax. The roof top deck area is amazing, the views are spectacular. Very comfortable beds with large closets. We cooked in several nights and the kitchen is well equipped. Iris connected us with Cruz for a golf cart to get around the island. Everything we needed was within a short golf cart ride. We cannot wait to return to Chat N Chill.

    Joanne B. 05/27/2024

  125. Cayo Loco Studio. $350 ... $450 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Our Stay At Cayo Loco, Eleuthera ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Cayo Loco was a great, single bedroom cottage located on a great beach! Very quiet, secluded little getaway but a short drive to Governor's Harbour restaurants and grocery stores. Had a great conversation with the owners/caretakers on the beach and learned how the cottages "came about" and their 17 years on the island. Received activity text updates from the owners everyday. The only aspect we gave 4 stars for was the "general condition" but the condition was great, just that the kitchen amenities (pots, pans, utensils, etc...) and space is a little limited but you do have every appliance you would need.

    Stephen S. 03/30/2024

  126. Turtle Pointe . $695 ... $990 per night. 3 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Fabulous stay!! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We had a fabulous stay at Turtle Pointe. The house is beautiful the beds were very comfy. We cooked in several nights and the kitchen is very well equipped. Charles is a fantastic property manager. He was quick to respond when we had questions. The dock was a favorite spot to relax and watch the wildlife. We enjoyed kayaking and the Atlantic side beach is stunning. We highly recommend Turtle Pointe and would love to stay here again.

    Joanne B. 06/03/2024

  127. Bica Bungalow. $350 ... $565 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    A little bit of heaven ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The Bica Bungalow is your access to your own little piece of heaven.
    The bungalow is fresh, clean, and updated and the perfect place to stay if you want to experience the peace and tranquility of Eleuthera with all the modern conveniences.
    Our week long stay there was seemless. We had everything we needed and more.
    We will most certainly be back and we are grateful we found this beautiful and very special place.

    Cicely B. 05/05/2024

  128. Winfield Manor. $325 ... $390 per night. 3 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Spacious Stay on a Quiet Island ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This house had more than enough space for all of us to have some privacy or gather together in the open kitchen/dining/living area. Misty, the property manager, was extremely helpful in making sure we were able to get internet (unfortunately, I had to work), offering advice, and checking in to make sure we were good. We loved taking morning walks around the town (be sure to stop by the bakery) before hitting the nearly empty beaches. The only thing missing was a sheet tray (we had to get a little creative) and some comfortable patio furniture--it was so nice to being able to sit and read and just watch the water across the way. We just wish there was enough furniture for all of us and more comfortable chairs. If you're looking for a low key vacation but want to see all of Eleuthera, this is a wonderful central location with plenty of room and access to the island.

    Sarah B. 03/18/2024

  129. Wally Love. $575 ... $893 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Amazing house ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    This house was amazing! Beautiful views and a quiet beach. The electric bikes were such a fun touch! The management was always very responsive and helpful and the kitchen was extremely well stocked! Would highly recommend.

    A guest 04/29/2024

  130. Fig Tree Harbour Island. $1500 ... $2500 per night. 3 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Bahamas Family Trip ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    My family of five had the best time staying at Fig Tree! The house was beautifully decorated, and there was tons of space for everyone to spread out, especially among the various outdoor living spaces. The beds were super comfortable and the kitchen had everything we needed. We loved the quiet, central location, where you could walk to town, or hop in your golf cart and have your toes in the sand within minutes. The property manager was very helpful and responsive if we ever had any questions. We will definitely be back to stay at this property again.

    A guest 03/17/2024

  131. The Better Life. $550 ... $964 per night. 4 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Fantastic Vacation at The Better Life ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Communication with the rental agency was prompt. Misty, the property manager, very responsive and helpful. The home is beautifully appointed. No need to worry about power outages as there is a full-house generator that kicks in within seconds. The proximity to the beach is as described. The pool was refreshing and the pool deck chairs so comfortable. Would highly recommend staying at The Better Life.

    Patricia O. 06/17/2024

  132. The Better Life & Cottage. $790 ... $1221 per night. 5 bedrooms. 12 Max Occupancy.

    Better Life and Cottage ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    The house was overall very clean. We had 4 elderly people, so the stairs were a little overwhelming. For being a new home, it has a lot of maintenance that needs to be done, such as all the downstairs ceilings, closet doors, and electrical outlet holes. There were a lot of bugs in the house. The pool was very clean when we arrived, but no maintenance was done during our stay and it got very cloudy and murky. The walk to the beach is also very treacherous for older people when coming back, since you have to climb a steep hill. The house kitchen was well stocked with all the essential appliances and cookware. I think this place would be ideal for a family with young kids, however would not recommend if you are bringing senior guests.

    A guest 07/24/2024

  133. Pineapple House. $995 ... $1850 per night. 4 bedrooms. 8 Max Occupancy.

    Great Property ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Pineapple House is a great property and lives up to its description. New construction with beautiful furnishings, fully functional kitchen, and amazing view. Backup generator worked seamlessly making the occasional power outages almost unnoticeable. We were two families of four and the property worked very well. We contributed a chest cooler to the stock of beach toys under the house and suspect all will get used by future guests.

    A guest 06/24/2024

  134. Sky Beach Club Villa Waterfall 2. $560 ... $1207 per night. 4 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Waterfall ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    I was renting this villa for the third time. It was as always in great condition and we enjoyed the place.
    We had a couple of outages in electricity but it did not bother us too much. Once the storm was over per came back on.

    A guest 06/05/2024

  135. TOC Cottage. $395 ... $536 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Perfect! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    Comfortable house perfect for a small group. Home was clean and had everything you needed except for starter water to drink (Grocery store is close). Nice porch overlooking water. We enjoyed our stay:)

    Tracie V. 07/18/2024

  136. Ocean Shire. $175 ... $250 per night. 2 bedrooms. 4 Max Occupancy.

    Lovely Home and Host ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We stayed at Oceanshire in May of 2024. This home is very tastefully decorated in the community of Rainbow Bay. We felt at home here and felt safe. The accommodations are as pictured. Airy and spacious with comfortable furniture and beds, good number of bathing and beach towels and plenty of outdoor seating. Everything was in working order, well maintained and clean. I would suggest a few dish cloths, some beach chairs, an umbrella, some storage containers for leftovers (in case you cook like we did) and some outdoor hooks for drying wet beach towels and bathing suits. Some additional task lighting, especially in the kitchen. I’m not complaining at all just a few recommendations to increase the overall experience. I can’t say enough good things about Derrick, the property host. We didn’t have any real issues, but did contact him about a few simple items and he was responsive and professional. He met us at the house when we arrived to greet us and make certain everything was acceptable and came to see us off the morning we left. We feel we made a connection with him due to his warm and friendly demeanor and will look him up when we visit the island again. If we decide to stay in Rainbow Bay again, this property will be top of our list. We would highly recommend this home to our family, friends or anyone looking for a home base while visiting this beautiful island.

    Dawn D. 05/23/2024

  137. Paradise Cove. $355 ... $607 per night. 3 bedrooms. 10 Max Occupancy.

    Awesome Vacation at Paradise Cove! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We spent an amazing 9 days at Paradise Cove with my daughter and her husband visiting from Turkey. The house was stocked with everything you could possibly need to prepare meals at home, all sorts of beach and snorkel gear, etc. Wendi, the caretaker was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. The views are great and the water is beautiful. The only caution I would have is that there is a house just below Paradise Cove. You have to walk right alongside it to get to the cabana and the residents there have a couple of dogs that can be a little intimidating. My wife was nervous about going down to water by herself and certainly it could be an issue for children. The road to the house is also a challenge for a low clearance vehicle. There is a grocery right across the street and several great restaurants within walking distance!

    Chris F. 07/07/2024

  138. Palmetto House. $265 ... $536 per night. 2 bedrooms. 6 Max Occupancy.

    Our Best Trip Yet! ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We have been to Eleuthera several times. We typically stay at a hotel. We generally like have amenities and services available. This was our first time renting a home. We are so glad we did! The home is brand new and has everything for your stay. The beach and pool are just across the street and I would argue it's a better beach than French Leave. Everything in the home is brand new and beautifully decorated. You are just a short drive into Governor's Harbor and Craving's just opened a new bake shop just a couple of blocks down the road. This home would be great for a small family (we have 3 kids under 11). Or friends and family traveling together. If you are worried because it's your first time to the island, don't worry. The owner knows the island front and back and she will ensure you have a wonderful stay. Our family is already looking at dates to return.

    A guest 07/04/2024

  139. The Beach Bungalow - One. $425 ... $475 per night. 1 bedrooms. 2 Max Occupancy.

    Beach Bungalow Airport Beach ☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★

    We visit Eleuthera often. We had a wonderful time at this brand-new beach bungalow. Nikki, the property manager, was a wonderful host! There was plenty of room for my wife and me. The kitchen was well supplied and had everything we needed to cook some meals. The bedroom is spacious with a very comfortable bed. The bathroom has amazing water pressure. We enjoyed our coffee on the patio every morning watching the sunrise over the beach and ocean. The bungalow had 2 beach chairs, a large umbrella, and cooler which we took down to the beach each day. You can walk for miles on the beach, and we never saw another person. We spent an afternoon in the pool which is large and has a fully stocked honor bar. We were able to work by the pool as the Wi-Fi on the property is mobile. It was great to be close to James Cistern and Governor’s Harbour. It was a perfect and much needed trip. Thank you for sharing this great property with us!

    Brett T. 07/19/2024